What Am I Sitting Here For?


I look around me and wonder a lot of things. You see I do a lot of thinking when no one is around and sometimes not all of it is good. Sometimes now, I can come up with some real creative pieces of work, but sometimes I wonder if anyone would notice if I just picked up my stuff and left. I mean I am just a simple blogger who does photography and writes, but in the grand scheme of things aren’t we all just ants in this vast world? We are like worker bees bringing home the honey to the Queen and most of us don’t have not a lick to show for it. I have seen people work their entire lives to retire just to find out that their pension is gone and they have to live on their less than modest social security, so they head back into work. We do things like throw ice water over our heads and think that will cure something, but did these people actually donate? No the majority didn’t, they just thought it was a fun game.

Who are we? Who am I? I am a woman with a family who fights for this country. I am a woman who is allowed to write blogs and what I think about the way the world is headed and that we as a nation need not lie down and take it anymore. I am a woman who does photography. I am a woman who wants to cross every bridge and see the beauty in them. I am a woman who is free. I am free.

Word of the Day

diction ( DIK-shuhn) noun 1. style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words: good diction .
2. the accent, inflection, intonation, and speech-sound quality manifested by an individual speaker, usually judged in terms of prevailing standards of acceptability; enunciation.

Word of the Day

flit (flit) verb 1. to move lightly and swiftly; fly, dart, or skim along: bees flitting from flower to flower .
2. to flutter, as a bird.
3. to pass quickly, as time: hours flitting by .
4. Chiefly Scot. and North England . a. to depart or die. b. to change one’s residence.

Word of the Day

coterie ( KOH-tuh-ree) noun 1. a group of people who associate closely. 2. an exclusive group; clique. 3. a group of prairie dogs occupying a communal burrow.